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Current Work

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My work is deeply rooted in process and a desire to affect a maximum amount of space with a minimal amount of matter.  I play with found or discarded materials such as blue insulating foam, nails, chunks of wood with staples stuck in them or photos of blemishes in walls, until they self organize into a cohesive object.  As the objects have organized themselves, through my playing with them, I believe them to have a spirit.  This animism that, according to Eric Davis author of Techgnosis, is a tradition steeped in mysticism and magic that concrete science sought to banish at its founding.  However it has since had a large resurgence due to the rapid expansion of technology.  As such, one of my goals is to follow my interests in self-organizing matter to an end that amplifies or makes evident the spirit of the objects that are created.  In my work the spirit often becomes visible in the form of phenomena, and the affect that this phenomena pushes onto the objects and area that surround it.  By creating objects whose purpose is to affect relationships, instead of being sanctified as Art Objects, I call into question whether or not the “object of the Art” lives in the physical objects that are created or in an incorporeal state between objects.  The tentative balance that the phenomena exist in, be they within or without the physical object, creates in the viewer an acute sensitivity to the minute nuances and details in an area much larger than that of the physical material.  This heightened sensitivity is not limited to viewing artwork but applies to the rest of material experience.